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The tasks of the Administrative Section for the Senate and University Council include:

  • organizational support for Senate meetings and attendance at the meetings, keeping a register of Senate documentation, including resolutions, protocols, etc.,
  • preparation and storage of resolutions, protocols and positions of the Senate,
  • coordinating and organizing meetings of standing committees of the Senate,
  • organizational and office services for the University Council,

This section’s activities include:

  • the running of the Registry of the Rector’s Office: keeping a register of incoming and outgoing correspondence, circulating information;
  • coordinating the circulation of internal draft legislation issued by the Rector. 

Rector’s and Vice-Rectors’ Financial Services Section

The Public Information and BIP Section

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The Social Communication and Media section’s activities include:

  • preparing the content of speeches, statements and information, etc. for the Rector,
  • running the Warsaw University of Technology e-Bulletin in cooperation with other organisational units within WUT,
  • managing matters related to WUT’s patronage.

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