The section is responsible for providing clerical and organisational support to the Rector and Vice Rectors. Its responsibilities cover:

  • managing the secretariats of the Rector and Vice Rectors;
  • coordinating, organising and overseeing the Rector’s appointments, meetings and trips;
  • coordinating and overseeing contact with foreign organisations; supervising their preparation in cooperation with the Centre for International Cooperation.

This section’s activities include:

  • the running of the Registry of the Rector’s Office: keeping a register of incoming and outgoing correspondence, circulating information;
  • coordinating the circulation of internal draft legislation issued by the Rector. 

The e-PUAP Section

The public information and BIP Section

The Social Communication section’s activities include:

  • preparing the content of speeches, statements and information, etc. for the Rector;
  • running the Warsaw University of Technology e-Bulletin in cooperation with other organisational units within WUT.