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The Rector’s Office

Scope of activities and competences


The Rector’s Office (RO) is an organisational unit responsible for the administrative and organisational support of the Rector, the Senate, the Vice Rectors, the Rector’s proxies and committees, and Senate committees.

There are three organisational sections within the Rector’s Office:

The Rector’s Office reports to the Chief Administrative Officer. The Rector is responsible for the content-related supervision of the Office.  

WUT Organisational Structure (pdf, 163.05 kB)


Agnieszka Kamińska
Head of WUT Rector’s Office

WUT Main Building, room 106
Internal tel.: (22) 234 + ext. 7419
Tel.: 22 629 74 84
Fax: 22 621 68 92
e-mail: agnieszka.kaminska@pw.edu.pl