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The Social Communication Section

The Social Communication Section’s responsibilities cover:

  • running the Warsaw University of Technology e-Bulletin in cooperation with other organisational units within WUT;
  • preparing the content of speeches, statements and information, etc. for the Rector;
  • managing the public image of the Rector and the Vice Rectors in the media;
  • documenting the Rector’s public appearances;
  • managing matters related to WUT’s patronage;
  • developing and submitting suggestions for the Warsaw University of Technology’s development strategy in terms of promotion, information and social communication;
  • organising and providing clerical support for University-wide events and other events involving the Rector’s participation;
  • preparing guest lists for University-wide events;
  • collecting, editing and disseminating information in the media;
  • coordinating activities linked to public appearances of the Rector and Vice Rectors;
  • managing and improving social communication tools – this also applies to internal communication;
  • managing the list of deceased professors.


The Rector’s Office

Agnieszka Kamińska
Head of WUT Rector’s Office

WUT Main Building, room 106
Internal tel.: (22) 234 + ext. 7419
Tel.: 22 629 74 84
Fax: 22 621 68 92
e-mail: a.kaminska@rekt.pw.edu.pl

Izabela Koptoń-Ryniec 
Head of the Social Communication Section
Press Officer

WUT Main Building, room 148
Internal tel.: (22) 234 + ext.: 7171
E-mail: izabela.ryniec@pw.edu.pl

Joanna Kuźmicz
Administrative Officer

WUT Main Building, room 117
Internal tel.: (22) 234 + ext.: 7510
E-mail: joanna.kuzmicz@pw.edu.pl

Anna Olencka
Promotions Officer

WUT Main Building, room 148
Internal tel.: (22) 234 + ext.: 7181
E-mail: anna.olencka@pw.edu.pl

Karolina Apiecionek

WUT Main Building, room 148
Internal tel.: (22) 234 + ext.: 7181
E-mail: karolina.apiecionek@pw.edu.pl

Marta Wereska

Social Communication Specialist, room 148
Internal tel.: (22) 234 + ext.: 7171
E-mail: marta.wereska@pw.edu.pl